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  • If 2K is formed, their cover athlete announcement will take place around the beginning of July. In 2019, NBA 2K20 cover athletes were officially announced on July 1, although Dwyane Wade Legend Edition leaked earlier. Compared with the same time of year, we still have more than one month. Unless del...
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Path of Exile Delirium is about to start a new season

  • Path of Exile Delirium is the latest expansion in the best ARPG league. Start publishing today. The new expansion not only optimizes and updates most of the existing content including POE Currency, but also new enemies are gradually added to the game.

    Path of Exile Delirium has added a large number of enemies in order to better enhance the players' challenging experience. This will undoubtedly make the game more difficult for players. Each area has a Mirror waiting to be activated. Just enter the current area of ​​Delirium to add many new abilities to the monsters in the area. Not only that, new Delirium monsters will be born. Everything in the game, including the boss, can be affected by Delirium. This means that the challenges encountered by players will gradually increase. However, if the players are courageous, they can also delve into Delirium step by step, where the strength of the monster is directly linked to the rewards received by the players.

    Path of Exile Delirium also pays special attention to the early leagues that old players love. Delirium still maintains the content of the original league. This is indeed the reason why Path of Exile can last forever. Not only is the game team constantly adding and optimizing content to keep up with the trend, but it also maintains its original features. So such a surprising and very attractive game was born.

    Cluster Jewels, who joined for the first time, also shined in Delirium. Both the character customization ability and the passive skill tree can be improved or expanded using these jewels. After optimization, strength and versatility can be improved. This should be one of the characteristics of the new alliance that players want to see most. After all, interesting construction is one of the reasons why Path of Exile can attract so many players. And Cluster Jewels will have more upgrades and improvements in the future.

    Path of Exile Delirium has also updated and improved the following content. Four new skills including "Power Bolt" and "Sword Blast" and three new auxiliary gems have been added to the game. The team also improved the Atlas Endgame Conqueror. Finally, The Metamorph League has been integrated into the core gameplay. Players can get Path of Exile for free on Steam. But as mentioned earlier, the challenges in Delirium will increase. Therefore, it is obviously unrealistic to rely on picking up POE Orbs dropped by monsters to enhance yourself. Players are best to Buy POE Currency at the safe and cheap agent website. That will save players a lot of time and money.