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How should the night entertainment plan for MyGM fans in NBA 2K

  • In the MyGM mode of NBA 2K20, players can fully control the team they choose. Although the key to team success is hardwood games, players still have access to many other aspects of managing professional basketball teams. This includes the specific management issues of the fan party and the number of NBA 2K20 MT required. The launch of these activities is slightly different from previous 2K games. The NBA 2K20 fan plan is more complicated than 2K19. There, you will go to the CFO and let them handle the night plan for the fans. Continue reading in the last heading to learn how to do this.

    In order to increase the frequency of interaction between the organization and the player community, sometimes the team's head coach will invite players to participate in the fan party when playing MyGM. Of course, players can also choose not to go, but if you do that, the coach will feel disappointed and frustrated and will continue to disturb the player's game experience. If their happiness is low enough, they can leave.

    You need to enter the business part of MyGM mode to join Fan Night for entertainment. Open the sponsor to get a complete list of all sponsors. You need to scroll through this list to find sponsors who have a good relationship with you. In the description column, you need to say: The sponsor is currently signed and feels good. If he says neutral or lower, then the sponsor will not be able to support you.

    If the selected sponsor signs up and feels good, an additional option to provide fans with sponsor night will appear between "chat" and "cancel contract". Once you click to provide the sponsor with a fan night, everything will move to your office, where your master communicates with the sponsor. The sponsor will ask you what fan night you want to spend. Choose from the list of available options to complete. This will also increase confidence in selected sponsors.

    Fan Night also greatly increased the love of players for 2K. More and more people who love basketball join 2K to start the game. At the same time, the emergence of this phenomenon has greatly increased players' demand for Cheap NBA 2K20 MT. Because as long as there is enough NBA 2K20 MT, players can get the items they want in the game. But players don't want to spend too much money. So this demand has arisen. Players can buy NBA 2K20 MT from professional agents. Both the safety guarantee and the price are very suitable for the needs of players. The agents fully paid attention to the players and gained a large number of loyal buyers.