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  • As of Tuesday, "Madden 20 Power Up Extension" has added more player items. Among the players revealed were the strong safety of former Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry (Eric Berry) and current Denver Broncos (Phillip Lindsay). See how these cards are used with each player in Ultimate Team. A few w...
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Path of Exile released the 3.10.1f update this week

  • After the 3.10.1d patch was released, the game team immediately released the 3.10.1f update patch based on the latest feedback and suggestions from players. This update will focus more on the improvement of Delirium and many other skills. Those errors that have a significant impact on Simulacra gameplay and performance have also been fixed. In addition, the BUG that the region and the client will crash unexpectedly is also eliminated. The players were moved by the seriousness and care of the official team. They prefer to play games in Path of Exile and constantly recommend their partners to join the game together, and the phenomenon that follows is that the demand for POE Currency is rising rapidly.

    Grinding Gear Games intends to develop two lines. On the one hand, he is devoted to studying the new add-on components of the Action RPG game Path of Exile, and on the other hand, he constantly upgrades and improves the main version. The 3.10.1f patch update will be released by developers this week. Players can now begin to study the detailed introduction of this update. During the immunization period, the owner of many cards in the immunization phase will suspend the movement of Delirium fog.

    Delirium objects that cause enemies are triggered when you rush past them, and no longer damage the area. GGG will solve the problem that caused Simulacra's performance to decline. The violent bumps at the end will always turn the character's face in the direction of movement. Spectre spawned by threshers will no longer use the ability to quickly carry out a series of attacks. The visibility of frozen soil will increase. Production allocation settings will start to apply immediately, not from the next zone. In addition, after defeating the target of the traitor, Delirium's mist will stop for ten seconds (previously only five seconds). The most important thing is that during the battle with Shavronn and Creator and the replacement of the video adapter, the game client and this area will stop crashing.

    As mentioned earlier, the enthusiasm of many players for Path of Exile has risen again, which has also created a huge demand for Path of Exile Currency, POE Items and POE Orbs. Players should be aware of one thing, that is, as long as they continue to delve into Delirium and defeat enemies or monsters, they can get extremely rich rewards. But if players use this method of obtaining POE Currency, it is best to team up with other players to fight monsters in order to reduce risk. After success, players no longer need to Buy POE Currency in the game store. Players only need to concentrate on the game, continue to hone and improve their strength, and naturally they will get a lot of rewards.