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How do you exchange things for players in POE?

  • Exchanging game items with other players is inherently another part of the game. Any items obtained or snatched by players after the completion of the challenge mission can be exchanged. For example, if player A has a large amount of POE Currency but POE Orbs is his urgent need, then he can exchange items with player B who has a large amount of POE Orbs but needs POE Currency. But the problem now is that most players still don't know what to do in order to exchange things for things. The following is to teach players how to do it in order to obtain the desired items at a minimum cost.

    Path of Exile has become so eye-catching due to the changeable item trading mechanism. Various currencies are the backbone of POE transactions. Vendors will receive items sold by players in these currencies. It just looks troublesome and it's easy to do.

    How does POE Currency work? As I mentioned above, there is no universal currency such as gold for trading in Path of Exile. Instead, players use crafting materials in exchange. Each of the named spheres has various effects that can be used to change the object, thereby affecting its overall value. However, the de facto standard (a standard that can consider the dollar equivalent) is Chaos Orb. This is relatively rare. But once they reach the end of Path of Exile, players can expect most transactions to have a certain amount of Chaos Orb. So when you find them, you should always stick to them.

    Now the breakdown of major currencies and exchange rates relative to other currencies can be queried on the POE official website. For example, players now need about 160 POE Orbs, which is very common for obtaining a POE Exalted Orb. The Mirror of Kalandra, the rarest item in Path of Exile, requires 48,300 POE Chaos Orb to obtain. Players are deciding which POE Items to sell to consider whether they can get Chaos Orb. Otherwise it will only waste your time and money. But players can also insist on small profits but quick turnover to get more money. In this way, players do not need to spend a lot of real money to buy POE Currency. But more casual players should explore the dungeons instead of trying to play in the market.