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  • If 2K is formed, their cover athlete announcement will take place around the beginning of July. In 2019, NBA 2K20 cover athletes were officially announced on July 1, although Dwyane Wade Legend Edition leaked earlier. Compared with the same time of year, we still have more than one month. Unless del...
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  • This page is now 99% complete! As of this current game revision at least, all DMM Tournament gold possible accessible coordinates are now listed here. However there will most likely be future updates that allow access to other coordinates that will have to be filled out here, so that's why there's 1% missing from total completion.Be warned that level 3 coordinate clues will always spawn a hostile wizard when you dig! Strong Saradomin mages will spawn outside of the wilderness, while weaker Zamorak ones will spawn during clues inside the wilderness. Level 2 coordinate clues will never spawn a hostile wizard, and coordinate clues are not possible during level 1 treasure trails. You need to defeat the wizard before you can dig again to progress. Saradomin wizards are quite lethal and can poison you with their dragon dagger when not casting spells at you so stay back and range them if possible, while Zamorak wizards are helpless if you can use the Protect From Magic prayer. Otherwise, just tank them with enough food and hope for the best.For coordinate clues that won't be immediately on this page yet in possible future updates, you can use a coordinate locator (a warning that it pulls from the OSRS map instead of /v/scape's map, so it might be inaccurate depending on the coordinate you have). If you do find a coordinate clue not on the wiki, you are encouraged to please take a picture of your minimap and ingame location on the spot where you dig along with the coordinates so that somebody may upload it here to avoid having to use the locator in the future.

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