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  • As of Tuesday, "Madden 20 Power Up Extension" has added more player items. Among the players revealed were the strong safety of former Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry (Eric Berry) and current Denver Broncos (Phillip Lindsay). See how these cards are used with each player in Ultimate Team. A few w...
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Change the color of this court back

  • Please think about reverting the plan of the TTO courtroom to 2K20 MT something that is otherwise lighter in color than the present edition, or the variant. Many users have found the layout visually distracting, and also have expressed interest in more court court or a plainer. Here are a few of the reasons why:The shadow of the current court can make identifying which player the consumer is currently commanding hard. Particularly, the colour of the"ring" that signifies the player you're controlling can be difficult to see against the background of this dark court.A frequent complaint about custom courts this past year was that some consumers would create their habit courts very dark to obtain an advantage in Unlimited. The participant sprites can get difficult to differentiate from the court, advantaging the home court group when paired with jerseys that are darker. This is the identical effect happens in TTO right now when your competitor has a jersey that is darker.

    Change the color of this court back to how it had been in 2K19. Maintain the card collector and bead part of the court, but eliminate the darkened ("galaxy") design enclosing the gemstones and center court. Allow users to change the plan of the courtroom for when we are"home" and"away", such as we can when playing 5v5 game modes. These could be collections from some preset courts or modified versions of those courts which we already have the cards for.I am resubmitting this after my previous proposal wasn't included. I'm hopeful that this is appropriate enough to justify being delivered to the development group.

    Suggestion for My League: you will know that the salary cap situation hard to browse with the inflation of participant contracts and gets mad In case you've played at a My League match. KD sitting unsigned at the conclusion of agency isn't realistic, but it keeps happening in NBA 2K20. Wish for My League: Your capacity to be able to retire jerseys of a player who's met certain standards. For gamers like myself who do multiple years at one league save, it would be a little thing be able to look back upon them and to see the fruits of the labors.The majority into have no kind of skill. Since they can be 7'3", rebounds will only fall into their laps if you ship them out and have maxed out rebounding. They would be the fastest players in the court and the significant problem is that there are hardly any bigs in this height at the NBA! Come 2K!

    I owned most of them and was scoring. I think from them sprinting like Usain bolt down and up the damn courtroom though lol I've ptsd. That is what bothered me.7'3s are helpful but not over-powered. They're easily beat from the selection and roll by smaller players on a switch and slow transition D. Competitive players rarely operate bigs over 7 feet. But, I did shed a comp 3v3 rated matchmaking game now to Buy 2K MT a 7'3 paint beast. Pretty rare to encounter them at levels that are higher.