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World of Warcraft classic nostalgia Zul'Gurub team

  • leader
    There are a total of 13 leaders in Zul'Gurubin, four of which are part of WOW Classic Gold the madness rotation leader battle, and you can challenge one of them before each copy reset. Before you face Haka, you'd better defeat his five priests and fight for more chances for yourself. If they are still alive, they will transmit their energy to the blood god, making him almost unstoppable. You can defeat them in any order, and each priest may drop rewards that are very useful to the team, helping you continue to explore Zul'Gurub.
    High Priest Yallo
    High Priest Ye Creek
    High Priest Marri
    High Priest Sekar
    High Priest Winohis
    Blood Lord Mandokir
    Fate of Madness (once a week)

    To the winner ...
    There are abundant rewards in Zul'Gurub waiting for you to discover. Among them, 5 epic equipment only need to have enough reputation of the Zandalari tribe and complete the corresponding tasks to obtain. If you are lucky to visit you, you can also collect mounts Razash Velociraptor and Swift Zulian Tiger.

    Nightmare Dragon
    An exception appeared in the Emerald Dream. A large number of green dragons have been guarding the portal of the god tree. But these noble creatures were injected with some ominous existence, losing the peace that Ysera knew well. To face these nightmare dragons, you need to call your most determined ally-because these dragons are extremely powerful, and will crush any guy who dares to approach without hesitation.

    Stranglethorn Valley Fishing Competition
    Take your fishing rod (and sword), the Stranglethorn Valley Fishing Contest will be held on the coast of WOW Classic Gold For Sale Stranglethorn Vale! Before the game starts, friendly goblins will visit Ironforge and Orgrimmar, notify the fishing experts to participate in the competition and provide guidance for the competition. At the start of the game, make a cry through Stranglethorn Vale, then throw out your bait and fishing line!

    Xenophobia Surge
    Undercurrents in the dry desert of Silithus. Something is awakening from the southern wall. Assist the Druid of Cenarion Circle to explore the secrets of this desert together, revealing the conspiracy of Twilight's Hammer appearing here. You will discover strange creatures called xenoscorpions and explore their nests. There are many new adventures waiting for high-level adventurers!