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Path of Exile: How to Use Currency

  • In most games, there is game currency, which is used to enhance equipment and combat capabilities for users. The currency on the Path of Exile is called currency. Before new players enter the Path of Exile, they need to understand the various currencies of the Path of Exile. Next, we introduce new players to some currencies on the Path of Exile:

    Eternal Orb
    Expansion of the attributes of POE Chaos Orb the current equipment is generally carried out when the equipment is made or when it is hit to semi-finished equipment. If the production fails, it can be restored and re-produced. It is a high-end consumable.

    Mirror of Kalandra
    Commonly known as mirrors, high-end consumables, right-click on this item, then left-click on a non-legendary item to use, and a copy will be generated after use. Please note that the copied items can no longer be changed in any attribute using currency, including color washing, quality improvement, and connection. Here is the bottom property of the copied equipment, which is displayed as "Copyed". Generally, high-end players have a near-perfect or extremely valuable equipment that uses a mirror to expand the print.

    Armourer's Scrap
    Improving armor quality Right-click on this item, then left-click on an armor to increase its quality. The higher the rarity, the worse the armor effect, and the upper limit of quality is 20%.

    Gemcutter's Prism
    Commonly known as jeweler, improve the quality of skill gems. Right-click this item, then left-click a skill gem to use it. The upper limit of quality is 20%.

    Glassblower's Bauble
    Improving the quality of potions Right-click on this item and left-click on a potion to Buy POE Items increase its quality. The higher the rarity, the worse the effect of the agent, and the upper limit of quality is 20%.

    I hope that these introductions can help new players and make them more familiar and skilled in playing games, so as to get a better sense of game experience. At the same time, I also wish the game company to create a better version of the Path of Exile to meet the needs of users.