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      It's time to get your cardio on, so you go to meet the girls at the gym, only today it's actually a photo shoot starring you and your besties. Your gym bag is filled with couture looks and incredible pumps. But recently, I learned a hard lesson about rainy runs during a jaunt through the par...
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How NBA 2K brings the next generation of sports fans to ESPN

  • ESPN recently hosted a series of live NBA 2K matchups, including NBA players such as Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Montrezl Harrell, Deandre Ayton and Patrick Beverley. This is the network's first major exploration of e-sports. This genre is expected to attract more than 557 million viewers worldwide by 2021. Because of COVID-19, most people watch TV programs at home, such as Twitch, and the viewing time has surged by about 17% compared with the previous quarter. If players playing NBA 2K20 at home want to improve their strength, they can Buy 2K20 MT Coins to enhance their strength, and can also be used to create their own team and have the opportunity to exchange for star players.

    According to CreatorIQ data, the NBA2K league also attracts young audiences, 75% of whom are under the age of 24. Overall, the esports community is likely to be regarded as the next generation of sports fans-this will not only help ESPN weather the storm, but also position it for the future. "The NBA2K tournament on ESPN attests to the interest and acceptance of e-sports content on TV screens, but this is really just exploring the possibilities," said Ed Tomasi, managing director of e-sports on the Subnation culture and lifestyle platform. Such integration will bring not only the next wave of sports, but also the next wave of visionary brands, who want to connect with these cross-platform sports fans and consumers. "

    There is no indication when live sports games will return-if they will attract fans even when sports events take place-e-sports will create the closest thing for viewers and brands who want to win competition through video content. As the isolation continues, we will see how ESPN and other sports content creators embrace esports and this new development in a more interesting way. Fans who are worth supporting NBA 2K should note that NBA 2K21 is coming. Players should now accumulate 2K20 MT Coins to prepare for the new version.