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      It's time to get your cardio on, so you go to meet the girls at the gym, only today it's actually a photo shoot starring you and your besties. Your gym bag is filled with couture looks and incredible pumps. But recently, I learned a hard lesson about rainy runs during a jaunt through the par...
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Vikings try: NBA 2K20

  • In the past decade, esports has made great progress. Making a living in front of the audience and making a living by playing video games, this concept that was once mocked by people has become a reality for people all over the world. The value of the entire industry in 2020 is expected to exceed one billion US dollars. And one of the advantages of e-sports is that contestants can play at home in isolation. In the game, players can improve their strength through NBA 2K20 MT Coins, but it will inevitably consume players' time and energy, so that cheap and safe virtual game currency can be sold on GameMS, players can Buy NBA 2K20 MT Coins safely on it.

    In order to bring sports to our audience, we are holding the "Viking Attempt: NBA 2K20 Championship". There are six teams composed of current Viking members and past Viking staff.

    In the first game of the tournament, Wes Walters, who played the Philadelphia 76ers, used the Mavericks to fight DeAndre. With the outstanding performance of Luka Doncic in the first half, the game maintained the victory in the first half, but Walters still let the 76ers Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons disappoint me. Unfortunately, Walters won the game with a score of 74-67.

    The second quarter-final was between Nathan Ellison who controlled the Jazz and Lincoln Bloom as the Bucks. Although the Jazz is deeper than the Bucks, he can't cope with Antetokounmpo because he lost 36 points in Bloom's 83-71 win.

    In the end, the championship battle was fought between the 76ers of Walters and the Raptors of Marzano. Even if the Raptors continue to rain from the city center, the shooting rate of the entire game reached 42%, the Walters team continues to expand its lead with Philadelphia's oversized size and interior decoration. Walters' 76ers won the game 70-64, making him the first ever Viking NBA 2K Championship. More exciting is that NBA 2K21 MT is coming, but the specific release time has not yet been determined, players can first accumulate 2K20 MT Coins props to prepare for the new version.