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Almost any Nintendo platform was Madden NFL 21

  • In my surprise, even at the doldrums of this division, I was still coming up Madden 21 coins against squads better than mine -- we are talking 89-rated teams, the majority of the time. And, despite all that I'd learned offline, I was conceding a lot of goals, also. I would find that I'd be able to keep opponents to two or three shots per game, but I would concede all them; conversely, I would have upwards of ten shots , and just put away two or one. Losing a match 3-1 despite dominating the game turned into a difficult pill to swallow.

    But I found that wins could arrive in classes: I'd get three or four on the rebound, move up into Division 8, then lose a few and drop down. My one aim, actually, wasn't to embarrass myself: I didn't mind losing, I simply didn't need to go battered 8-0. And to my credit, that never occurred: there was one game where I went 3-0 down in about 30 minutes, but ended up fighting my way back to 3-3; a huge achievement against a player who was definitely a shade better .

    I now find myself in Division 7, and while I understand there'll be people reading this chuckling to themselves in this lowly achievement, the difference in my general play is night and day. If I could play myself from two or three months past, I'd likely win 15-0; the progress was dramatic. I'm still making silly mistakes and panicking defensively once I shouldn't, and I am not scoring as many Buy Madden nfl 21 coins goals as I feel I need to be, but there's no question I've improved a lot.