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Rsgoldfast - And strange things he sees all over OSRS gold

  • You would proceed the auction house, and OSRS gold search to find the thing you need. If they have countless sales of that product, you might browse through and find the ideal quantity and price for you! Then you press purchase, and a conformation screen would verify your purchase, and you have the product, and the auction house takes the cash. Each planet would have two auction homes, 1 on f2p 1 and side on p2p side.

    An anti-Spam filter, any things that reduced alch lower than 100 coins aren't allowed in the home. No more trade junk! yay! Everyone needs them. It has been in the back of everyone's head - so when will they release it? Player Owned Shops has been discussed previously sometime on any forum that's connected to runescape. It has been in the back of our minds and Jagex's heads. So, why haven't they released player owned stores yet? You can have people that assist customers who are employed in the shop the clerks. You can have the people that bring the things to your store (Woodcutters, Miners, Smithers etc.). Then you've got the acountant who will handle all the buisness's funds. If it's a little store it's owner. When it is a president it's a bigger store, but not huge. When it's a company wiith many stores and alot of employees he is known as the CEO.

    Player Owned Shops isn't a skill. The Owner of the shop, store or buisness, can create different shops. If it is a larger firm, they are able to have a maximum of 5 stores. It may only have one type of thing (I.E. Logs, Ores and pubs, runes etc.). This is so POS will not compete with NPC owned stores. You can begin off with one shop. Players can Runescape 2007 gold get to the store by using a POS portal (In same city's as POH's).