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Have you ever been in search of inside information about OSRS

  • Suddenly a massive explosion knocks the chart off the table and 10 ninja monkeys (lv108) springino the control area and begin to fight. Outdoor shows a huge battle raging on as the monkeys lauch a hit! Go and pick up the OSRS gold charts and try and fight you way from the room. Penguins become aggressive to you as soon as the graph is accepted, and you need to battle and kill: 5 Penguin Gaurds, 3 Mech Penguins, 1 Penguin Advisor.

    The monkeys will naturally continue to kill the penguins. Attack the door, which has 50 strikes and destroy it. Escape the mech and run out of the foundation, meeting with mrphy and the gnomes. At this point you get an choice to restock on the supplys or go back into find murphy.

    Head back down into the peguin foundation and together sets of tunnels, preventing falling chunks of ice (hits 10, a shadow forms if your under the shadow you get hit) and the guards. You may get a map of this facility in crates scattered around the islnad, regrettably the map is a bit wet from the monkeys attack but it will show how to where Murphy has been held. Run into the room and you'll see that the room is fludding and has generated a pressure zone, so the dor can't be opened. Murphy informs you to find the controls into the boat saying it's throughout the kitchens.

    As soon as you get to the kitchens a ferocious chef referred to as"Pangoo" and his walrus butler/bodygaurd. Now you only have to kill Pangoo nd that the walrus will crush a hole in the face of the city and run out, regrettably this Old school rs gold may flow a bit. To defeat them you msut utilize pangoo to obstruct the walrus, as it strikes through prayer to get a maximum of 40.