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The next steps for me would be to work on improving

  • Once I started comfortably winning Squad Battle games on mut coins madden 21 World Class, I knew I was qualified to give Division Rivals another move, and that I was interested to see how I fared against human competitors. I had an excellent squad, but I'd learned how to attack and defend; there was no way I'd be staying in Division 9 for very long.

    To me, even at the doldrums of this branch, I was still coming up against squads better than mine -- we are speaking 89-rated teams, the majority of the time. And, despite all that I'd learned offline, I was conceding a great deal of goals, also. I'd find that I would be able to keep opponents to two or three shots per game, but I'd concede all of them; therefore, I'd have upwards of ten shots , and just put away one or two. Losing a game 3-1 despite dominating the game became a tough pill to swallow.

    But I found that wins could arrive in groups: I'd get three or four on the bounce, move up into Division 8, then lose a couple and drop down. My one aim, really, was not to embarrass myself: I didn't mind losing, I just didn't need to go battered 8-0. And to my charge, that never happened: there was one game where I went 3-0 down within about 30 minutes, but ended up fighting my way back to 3-3; a huge achievement against a player who had been definitely a shade better than me.

    I currently find myself in Division 7, and while I know there will be people reading this chuckling to themselves in this lowly achievement, the difference in my overall play is day and night. If I could play myself from two or three months ago, I'd likely win 15-0; the advancement has been dramatic. I am still making silly mistakes and panicking defensively when I should not, and I am not scoring as many goals as I believe I should be, but there's no question I've improved a great deal.

    The next steps for me would be to work on improving what I've got. There are better versions of Pogba and Kante, as an instance, which would enhance my midfield for a fee; I'd love to get somebody like Eric Cantona upfront, but I still know it's going to put me back countless Coins. I am at a point now, along with my squad, at which I'm basically trading any cards that I earn and saving my Coins so I can make minor improvements to the gamers I have already got.

    I've really mostly enjoyed playing online; no one uses a microphone so I haven't encountered anywhere near the quantity of abuse I faced in Madden NFL 21. I did receive some very salty messages, but generally I think FIFA 21's matchmaking works well; I feel like I'm playing against players in a roughly similar ability level, and this is leading to a competitive matches with buy Madden nfl 21 coins entertaining ebbs-and-flows; sometimes I catch roundly beaten by a better player, other times I win comfortably too. Fair.