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Yeah and forget about playing Assassin or Pvp

  • I mean the biggest pro and con is that is a classic server. It's a game published in a period of time where people had different expectations from their mmos. However, it also has its shortcomings out of aion classic kinah that. People will be banking on using a classic encounter, but additionally be different because the player base is different. See how min/maxed that the raiding scene became in wow. On KR at least, there is a huge botting problem because the developed scripts for this work. At the exact same time, Ncsoft definitely didn't help it with its monetization changes. Someone can make tens of thousands of account for bots and don't pay a cent with the hour free trial. They also introduced a battlepass having an additional paid alternative for 25 dollars that give items which may help you with progression.

    I mained glad once the game came out. Glad excels at AoE and knockdowns, one of the DP skills is the AoE knockdown so they are not bad for group pvp, or fort sieges, they are sometimes quite useful tactically. The extendable weapons are 100 percent the goal. They will raise your reach a fair bit, which makes it so much more difficult to kite you. I conducted bakarma about 70 times I believe, and never had the spear drop. Though I was able to get lannok's, that was extendable but not as great. If I am recalling correctly as well, bakarma's spear does not have atk speed on it, and they didn't allow weapon blending until 1.9 (memory is rough of releases, but pretty sure that is true ) so it might feel fairly slow in comparison to a previous weapon, which will probably have atk speed.

    I think Lannok is not so bad if you can't receive the 19 percent ASpd from combining, as you can just change for the knockdown in the event that you really need it.

    Most played classes are looking like cleric and gladiator right now followed with the 2 casters, at least based on the survey in the big Aion classic discord which was linked with this subreddit. This might be due to the fact that a lot of EU gamers are coming to NA classic, therefore lots of people are working to select more ping-friendly courses.

    Yeah and forget about playing Assassin or Pvp generally (that is the best part of this sport. 150+ ping no matter how good internet you've got. Some caster classes might be nice but it is def a con. After all EU has many times more gamers playing and loving Aion, Gameforge only proved to be shit one more time.

    There game has been operating since November in Korea and there is no p2w money store for Aion Classic there. While it's entirely possible that there will be one at the NA version of the euro aion classic buy kinah game, there's no evidence for that. Could it eventually alter? Sure. But every game could potentially add significant p2w at any stage.