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How to get a good OSRS gold?

  • Firemaking: You may open your palms and make 4 fireballs (2 in each hand), and begin to juggle them for a couple seconds. You then are going to grab themand quckly clamp your palms together and there will be a small orange explosion followed by a fizzing from your palms. Fishing: Change the fish that you catch into a shark. You may form an X in front of your chest with your arms then swing them to your sides to form a T shape with your body, then you'll be coated with OSRS gold a colourful aura and lava will burst out of the ground from underneath you. You will be standing on the lava and you will clap your hands and it'll freeze. Then you will jump off and the lava will probably shatter.

    Skillcape Extra Bonuses. Runecrafting: After you trigger your cape to receive 100 runecrafting, you can manage 7 water runes/essence. If you craft combo runes, the achievement rate is raised to 85%. Crafting: Once worn you can enter the crafting guild without a brown blouse (if you cannot already), and when the cape is activated, you don't need to use moulds to craft things. Smithing: When the skillcape is activated to receive 100 smithing, you will have a 100% success rate of smelting iron.

    Agility: When worn, your weight will diminish be -3, when the skillcape is activated to get 100 agility, it is diminished to -4. Mining: Once worn, mining rate is increased by 5 percent, and when the cape is actived, it is increased to 10 percent. Herblore: When the skillcape is activated, a pestle and mortar is not required to crush herblore items. OR once the cape is triggered, potions are automatically made into 4 doses instead of 3.

    Slayer: When the cape is worn out, it is possible to speak to slayer masters whenever you want, and the cape can hold 3 fees. Talk to Duradel (in person) for it recharged. Fletching: Creating bows/strining is made somewhat quicker. Hunter: All traps you put are mechanically smoked so your sceant is gone. Farming: Plants have a greater immunity to RuneScape gold buy diseases (just when the cape is worn, and only the plant that's planted when the cape is worn is resistent to disease).