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How to get more OSRS gold?

  • Here is the skills side for it. Let's say that you are just beginning it from square 1. The only thing you can utilize is that the spell called: (something like seagull I figure ) You transform into RS gold a seagull! You finally have the ability (for approximately 5 seconds) to fly across regions you normally couldn't reach. EXCLUDES areas that have no way off in the event that you run out of the transform. Anyways, this is where it actually starts to help skills. Let's say you have the charm, giant. You click on it and it moves into a subcategory for 2 abilities. Battle, or skill. Now ti goes into two more subcategories. woodcutting, or mining. Let's use woodcutting!

    You see an oak. As a giant, you grab the oak from the bottom. You rip it out of the ground! Now the giant starts ripping it up. If you have just begun the skill, you may break a few of the logs you've torn off. The greater lvl the chances are that you won't break it (like cooking). I will attempt to make this better after some more time of consideration (or for any reason, this gets shut )

    Heres for all you combats. Let's say you have just made it out of seagull into a goblin! It will reveal your name outside these minigames, etc.) It says your username for them to kill, however when they hover on you it demonstrates that there's simply a goblin! (ya I, they'd figure it out) but heres the way that it would also work out. The greater your conversion level, the higher of a monster you can use. Would be a dragon! You've got 2 options of attack. A melee attack, I figure slash, along with a magical attack, dragon breath!all for combat here guys! Ill add more to I guess

    Heres the way you would charge your transform. There will be sure areas of water, with the capability to control your transfrom. You bathe inside for a moment and you're recharged! YAY! Ok, here's the best way to gain experience. For every single time you do harm, or you take a skil, like fishing, hunter, woodcutting, etc., you'd find a little encounter. The greater the damage, or so the greater the lvl it requires to cut out that tree, the longer xp u get. Now, I no it will hinder and people won't need to RuneScape gold buy get the wc xp etc., however you'll also need the lvl required from that ability you're using to do it. Thats all I could think of for today, I try and add more if possible.