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What effect can OSRS gold bring to the game?

  • This idea might be like Zammorak500's idea, but I thought of RS gold this a few days ago. Seriously, does not it get annoying the shape of your rune armor is the same as the bronze armor of this level 6 player standing next to you asking for 80k because someone hacked his ashes? Don't you think a little variety would be better?

    Also, it doesn't make sense a master smith should not be any better at producing bronze than, say, a level 18 smith who only started playing a couple of days ago and has made nothing but 188 bronze daggers. I propose that in case your Smithing level is high enough, then you should be able to earn Masterwork conventional armor.

    The effect Masterwork armor would have under this proposition could be a 10% chance per hit to lower the damage taken by 20%, rounding down. Also, it would have the following"masterwork" seems, as examples: Bronze - A smoother and much more modern appearance, as well as visible nuts and nuts. Mithril - A smoother and much more modern appearance, with gems in the legs and skirts, streaks of white at the bodies, more archaic helms and straighter shields with a white cross rather than a brown one on the kiteshield, exactly the exact same shape and size.

    Adamantine - A smoother and more contemporary appearance, using a shinier tinge on everything and small spikes close to the armpits and protect corners. Again, it's the helm that's thinner, using a grey crest instead of a blue one, along with a gray stripe rather than red on the moderate. Rune - A smoother and much more contemporary look, and emeralds glistening on the shoulders (platebody) and random areas among the email (chainbody). The legs are geometrically shaped, the helms are more pointed, and cheap RuneScape gold the guards are more curvy. These are simply examples. I'm not a fashion expert by any stretch of the term. What do you think of this? Any suggestions?