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Somewhat connected but not

  • Expecting this level of Nook Miles Ticket knowledge is also vaguely problematic. I'm Australian. I've got a lot of cultural exposure to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander, pacific and Central and SE Asian PoC. Afro buns aren't amongst the traditional hairstyles for this area that I'm aware. There's categorically no way I would have associated this cartoon-rendered hair design with any particular culture, and I am not sure why I should be expected to. But I'm sure I would be both persecuted on Twitter and it simply appears equally as insular to do so.

    Somewhat connected but not, Marvel comics made this character named Bishop who had been an X-men. People were kinda weirded out by"black guy having straight hair". And this was something that occurred in the community.

    The kicker? Bishop wasn't black, not at the African sense people had in mind. No he had been an Australian Aboriginal.The kicker? Bishop wasn't black, not in the African American sense folks had in your mind. No he was an Australian Aboriginal.This what I absolutely adore about tattoos. The creativity of it. You could take concept or theme and instead of just cutting and pasting artwork you evolve and transform it and filter it through your own creative process. The result being a gorgeous brilliant bit of work with regard to both the mediums. It is fascinating. I really like it. Thanks for sharing

    This seemingly is fairly common and happens to many dark skinned characters since people just can't get inside their heads the idea of different races having really dark skin even if they make it clear the character isn't of Animal Crossing Bells For Sale African origin.