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Randomly created structure you need to construct

  • You receive XP per items avoided so the longer you stay in OSRS gold your toes the quicker he throws things at you thus a faster xp pace. But obviously to get this faster xp speed you have to be faster at dodging the objects thrown, seeing as they're coming at a faster speed. If you can't stay standing for over 10 min the xp rates will not exceed normal xp rates for your level so only really'skilled' people that could stay standing for a considerable quantity of time will recive really large xp rates.

    . Still needs a lot more thought. The excellent orb job is a good miniature game but it does not raise xp rates. We need a way to change it accordingly persenal score becomes incorperated and individuals get xp predicated on performence. . .more to come

    Randomly created structure you need to construct. Jagex would really have to work hard in their arbitrary creation of them. . .no 2 structures should be the same!

    Crafting: You are provided a rnadom picture you have you have to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold paint a certain image on a pice of armor. The closer you manage to paint the armor like in the case provided to you the greater that the xp reward you become. An issue I see is the impossiblity of coming up with random images; some fansite may eventualy make an image database. (this migh be deleted it seems a bit absurd and unrelated to crafting)