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New update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Yes, the 1.9.0 version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived. The 1st Anniversary Cake, Sanrio Sweetness, Custom Design Pro Editor +, and Seasonal Items that players are looking forward to are here.

    1st Anniversary Cake
    Nook Inc. designed a 1st Anniversary Cake to commemorate the occasion. It will be delivered to your in-game mailbox following your update is installed.

    Sanrio Sweetness
    Add some Sanrio sweetness for an island. Starting March 26, the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack is going to be available for purchase at Target stores through the US at a suggested list price of $5.99. You'll find a way to use these six vibrantly designed amiibo cards to invite cute and colorful Animal Crossing residents inspired by popular Sanrio characters for an island, including Rita, Chai, and Toby. These amiibo cards allow you to exchange ACNH Bells for special Sanrio-themed furniture and fashion items in-game, too. You can even invite these characters to Harv's Island for just a fun photo session in Photopia.

    Custom Design Pro Editor +
    The Custom Design app with your NookPhone is becoming an upgrade! Use your Nook Miles on the Nook Stop in Resident Services to unlock the feature. It'll supply a more robust list of features, making it possible for the customization of umbrellas, small flags, uchiwa, and photo stands. And with a brand new expansion of 50 slots included with both the Normal Custom Design mode and Pro Custom Design mode, you'll be able to truly let your imagination run wild!

    Custom Design Portal
    You are now able to add the Custom Design Portal perfectly located at the Able Sisters store directly in your in-game NookPhone app. You'll have the opportunity to utilize it any time inspiration strikes.

    Seasonal Items
    Spring is incorporated in the air, for a changing on the seasons comes a variety of new seasonal items! Just in time for April Fool's Day, various colors of whoopee cushions are usually ordered between March 26 and April 1 in the in-game Nook Shopping service. For something a bit more elegant, you are able to prep for the prom season with themed fashion items for the Able Sisters shop from April 1 to April 30. You can also order prom-themed items from Nook Shopping in those times, for example, a prom night wall, prom night flooring plus a prom stash. Never miss an opportunity to dance!

    You can buy the newly updated Cheap ACNH Items on Mmoso. Of course, you can continue to work hard for the Super Mario theme or prepare for the upcoming Island Tour Creator. Hope Animal Crossing Bells and Nook Miles Tickets can help you.