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Show off Animal Crossing island with mobile

  • Animal Crossing: In New Horizons, players will have their own islands, and players only need to earn enough ACNH Bells to repay the loan. But the most important gameplay for gamers is to decorate the island and upgrade the island by obtaining various items and villagers.

    Designing the island and then taking screenshots and video clips from the game through the built-in tools of the Switch, and showing off our island through social media has become a favorite thing for players. Then the new Island Tour Creator allows you to capture the scenery on the island as much as you want.

    Nintendo posted a video of the example on Twitter. There are the iconic theme song of New Horizons and the off-screen sound. You can check it out in Isabelle's post. The title image of this article is an island poster made by an online player. The island named Hoopa sits in a rocking chair in his garden and listens to music. The picture is very pleasant.

    Unlike the past, Island Tour Creator is only applicable to mobile devices, which of course is convenient. You can visit www.tanuki-kaihatsu.com on your smartphone, or scan the code directly on your mobile phone. Log in to connect to your Nintendo account, then have a short chat with Tom Nook, choose to make a poster or trailer.

    Compared to using the Switch to take screenshots and recordings, and then connect to the account to share. This is a more direct way, you can get it directly from the game and save it to your phone. You can also make your poster or video look better through custom options. Mobile phone access to social media is undoubtedly a faster and more convenient way.

    One year has passed since New Horizons. Players also shared a lot of designs on social media. But the faster way I don't know if everyone will like it more. After all, some players are used to the past. No matter how new features are launched, or the service of Buy Animal Crossing Bells, it is all about allowing players to have a better gaming experience and give full play to their creativity.