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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: insufficient

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons won a huge victory in 2020 when the epidemic broke out. No matter how popular the game is, there will always be people who understand its shortcomings.

    The design path of New Horizons may dry up. Players control the characters in the game and get DIY recipes by interacting with NPCs. Making furniture and designing islands has become the art and design paradise that many players dream of. However, with the increase of sharing, once user fatigue appears, the design attention effect of sharing weakens, will the attention of the game drop significantly?

    The Small Catchable Creatures List
    A huge section of any Animal Crossing game is catching creatures, whether that's chasing around a typical yellow butterfly or staying up late to locate a snapping turtle. However, while the game provides the potential for an ever-changing lineup of creatures, there's been a little alteration of what is available in the action as a whole. Players who've been active since New Horizons' release have likely caught pretty much everything there is capture by now.

    If Nintendo would like to stop players from losing interest in one of the sport's central mechanics, it will give players something to try and do outside of donating or displaying their catches. Who, one example is, wouldn't try and tame a spider to adhere to them around the island? There are so many creative possibilities. The game's July 2020 update allowed players to swim and investigate further the ocean to trap sea creatures that previously were not a part of the game. However, after that, no new critters are already added.

    Lack Of Event Variety
    Nintendo continues to be trying to maintain players serious about New Horizons by releasing almost monthly updates and special items. But in addition to the fresh aesthetics they supply, the updates have added little for the core game. Starting in March 2021, players made it possible to purchase special Mario pieces of celebration of Super Mario's 35th anniversary, and also limited-time items for Saint Patrick's Day. These were mostly furniture and clothing that has been relatively cheap forgetting. The most expensive item was 12,000 Bells - which isn't Much for players who've been saving up since last March. These updates were whimsical but didn't add much endurance. The existence of the Buy ACNH Bells service allows players to fully devote the game content to the design.

    Just like a year ago, Bunny Day was New Horizons' Easter event where players collected various eggs hidden about the island and swapped them for items. But whilst the event was different from recently's widely criticized one, its search-and-swap nature event was near-identical to February's Festivals. This not enough variety leaves little to take a look forward to with one of these events because mechanics to their rear remain largely unchanged and repetitive.

    The biggest fun of the game is still its realistic experience. In the case that COVID-19 has not been completely resolved, it is still a good place for many players to choose to relax and relax. And these problems do not exist for new players. The experience of various activities and island design is still a good place for them to develop their creativity. Let us look forward to the sound of Animal Crossing Bells louder and longer!