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Animal Crossing: Rover the cat

  • In May, the Labor Day theme event was also introduced to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the first time. Some changes and rewards will be brought to players by a familiar face, Rover the cat.

    During May Day, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are invited to employ a unique May Day Ticket with the airport for their island as a way to participate in a particular tour. For the duration of the tour, all pieces of the player's inventory are taken and stored elsewhere, and so they must instead make use of the resources within the island to progressively craft the essential tools to and navigate their way by way of a hedge maze. You can find out a large number of Nook Miles Tickets.

    On May Day 2020, it absolutely was revealed that Rover, the traveling blue cat from previous Animal Crossing games, may very well be found with the end on the hedge maze. Upon chatting with him, yet give players some Bell vouchers along with a unique furniture item, Rover's briefcase. Predictably, Rover makes his return within this year's New Horizons May Day event, and given his place to be a favorite among fans lots of people are beginning to wonder: can Rover be invited to go to the player's island? After all, this is a good opportunity to save ACNH Bells.

    Rover brings with him result-oriented content this May Day, notably Rover's Photo like a completion prize-but only if players previously completed Animal Crossing's May Day 2020 event, otherwise they'll receive his briefcase furniture item. Similarly to a year ago, the prize will arrive in the player's mailbox the afternoon after the hedge maze ends.

    Although players can again talk to Rover once they find him in the end on the hedge maze, aside from offering up the 2010 prize there is not much more he'll discuss. Notably, meaning he cannot be asked to maneuver onto the player's Animal Crossing island. Given his reputation through the franchise to be a frequent traveler, apparently convincing Rover to pay back down won't be a solution any time soon, though rapid ejaculation unknown currently if he'll appear during another event or be a surprising guest Animal Crossing villager down the road.

    Between this May Day along with the last, Rover hasn't made another appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, though his amiibo could be scanned to be able to purchase his poster. However, if players make an effort to invite Rover to their campsite, they'll obtain the message that he is busy on another far-away island. It's likely that Rover maintains his status as a unique character who exclusively appears during events to the foreseeable future. 2021's May Day could be completed before May 7th, after which players must wait until next season to participate.

    Time is passing so fast, and players Buy Animal Crossing Items are also a way to participate in this themed activity. After all, not all players will like Rover this guy.