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Rsgoldfast - The drops are seized from the Looters guild

  • You cannot pick up any drops out of murdered players. The drops are seized from the Looters guild and rs07 fire cape either sold in their shop on Hilt or used for Item Gambling using kill points. Kill Points: After you kill the other player, you receive a Kill point (or points based on what they had on them and their level.) . If you kill the other player with over 5 kill points, then you will get 5 kill points once you kill them. They are sometimes utilized to purchase untradeable items(such as Castle Wars), bet on various levels for tradable items(like in Barbarian Assault), or to purchase experience points(such as Pest Control).

    You won't loose all your kill points should you die, you'll loose one to five every time you die. I must admit this is not an original idea, I have seen threads suggesting kill points before. A massive symbol that looks like a sun floats above you. In Explorer Mode you ARE permitted to bring non-combat items on to the island, which means you can alch and everything. The purpose of Explorer style is to allow a player to wander the island and observe fights without being in any danger. There isn't really anything else to do on the island however.

    You can not switch into Explorer Mode during PvP mode to be able to save yourself, you need to return to Hilt. Escaping while at PvP mode, although possible, is very hard and actually harmful.

    Leaving: In Explorer manner, you are given a special beacon item that teleports you back to Hilt no matter where you're on the island. This item cannot be used outside of Explorer mode and can not be used anywhere else except Swordcross. However, in PvP mode, penalizing alive is extremely difficult and stressful can cost you your life if you're being pursued.

    In PVP mode you want to get to one of the Lift Towers to the cloud zone. Once on the Cloud Zone, you have to climb stairs that wind around the rest of the tower to get to a teleport pad in the very top of the tower. When you are here, you are able to stand in the center and be teleported back to Hilt. However, the teleport takes roughly a bit longer than a standard teleport and an attack at the wrong time may disrupt it. If a PKer follows you it will not be pretty. The Looters Guild is a NPC-only guild of individuals who go to buy osrs fire cape Swordcross and choose the things of people who die on the staircase.