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Rsgoldfast - If you speak to the man in Zamorak Robes

  • Should you speak to the man wearing the Armadyl Armour, you'll get a Kree'arra Trophy and osrs fire cape service an Armadyl Bow. The decoration when rubbed, teleports you into the Armadyl region and enables you to be immune to Armadyl enemies for 30 minutes. The Armadyl Bow looks like the crystal bow, just with the symbol of Armadyl. It has special shoots out 5 arrows onto your oppnonent.

    Should you Speak to the guy in Bandos Armour, then You'll Get the Graador Trophy along with a Bandos Battleaxe. The Graador Trophy is much like the Kree'arra Trophy, only it does exactly the Bandos part instead and gives you immunity for half an hour. The Bandos Battleaxe looks like a Dharok's Greataxe, only more ancient. You hold it the exact same way. It's very havy, so every other turn you are able to attack. No special though.

    Should you talk to the guy in the Saradomin Robes, then He'll give you a Zilyana Trophy and also a Saradomin Shield. Again, the Zilyana Trophy does the exact same thing as others, just it teleports you to the Saradomin part and provides you immunity for 30 minutes. Even the Saradomin Shield is NOT that the Saradomin Kiteshield, it is much different. It looks like the Symbol of Saradomin, only blue. It may heal half of what you shield, like the Godsword. But a negative side it, it degrades after each use, and it could only be utilized 3000 times.

    If you speak to the man in Zamorak Robes, he'll tell you that he lost the trophy and the weapon, but to the valiant effort, he will provide you 100k and a Dragon Longsword. The only way to acquire the actual weapon and trophy is to complete the struggle without going under 20 HP.

    I have been thinking. . .How about assembly Zamorak or Saradomin?This is a new pursuit I thought up.You would go to Sedridor in the Wizard's Tower and then speak to him.He will tell you they managed to earn a time portal which can teleport you back into time.They stated they needed someone to test it so they ask you to go in.You would go from the portal and then you would be transported to buy fire cape osrs a strange place.