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Rsgoldfast - The Temple Knights don't like big celebrations

  • It sounds difficult. There is a chance to rs 3 gold acquire another mind control animal that is aquatic. If you find one, I'd suggest we take look at it even if they have nothing to do with this. To obtain the "other mind control creature", you will need to take Pirate Pete to Braindeath Island and fish some sluglings as well as an Karamthalu similar to the quest. Take it to Callon to be examined and you'll be sent to question Kennith.

    To do this, you have to visit the fishing platform and locate the fisherman in his room. Find out how he acquired these powers in Kennith's Concerns and he'll begin screaming and whining as an infant. Utilize your Commorb on him, and Savant will discover him to be totally normal. Return to Witchhaven and examine the yellow-skinned population. The slugs that are controlling them won't receive instructions from the Mother Mallum. It is possible that Kennith's concerns were a trick to distract the Temple Knights and allow the Mother Mallum to escape.

    Commander Callon, back at the Temple Knight Base will inform you of a upcoming Treaty renewal ceremony. The Temple Knights need to provide security in the event that the Slugs attempt to take over some of the world's most important leaders, but this isn't evident. Instead, you'll be the host for the event and also in charge of observing guests for odd behaviour.

    The Temple Knights don't like big celebrations, so you'll have to bring some things. You can create exquisite desserts with sweetcorn, wine glasses including six curries and five caviars. Molten glass can be used to create wine glasses. The Sweetcorn dish is made by using a bucket filled with cream, combining it along with cornflower (obtained by grinding corn with a mill) and roasted sweetcorn, adding an egg and baking it in an oven. It is made up of three ingredients. The curries and caviar can be bought or obtained yourself.

    At the party, observe the guests of the royal family. When you observe King Vallance of Asgarnia, it will be apparent that he appears sick. Not yellow, but sick. If you scan him, you will find him to be in the grip of the slug, who excels at camoflaging victims. Enter the kitchen, and buy rs07 fire cape you will see the Black Knight Assasin leaving through the window.