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Okay well I think you guys should add a few thoughts | RSorder.

  • Well now I will inform you about the items portal the items portal site is divided into OSRS Gold price ranges such as something that's worth 20k and - is put at the lowest section of the theiving stadium and things that are 1m to enjoy 4m are placed in the moderate level arena an ditems worth 5m and upwards are in the highest level arena and they are autimaticaly teleported into a player that has a god theiving lvl so it is harder to get it from him ( so like when there was a dchain it would be placed in the stock of a top lvl theiving participant so it is more difficult to obtain an dif it is a rune scimmy it woul be placed in the stock of a minimal level player and ect.) But should you get your item people steal from you can't take it from teh stadium OR were/weild/destroy/utilize it in any way!!!

    well. . ....if you get caught trying to steal from someone you will get dealt a crtain ammount of dammage depending on what your opponents theif level is so if you get caught by a lvl 80 you could get hit by like. . .maybe. .

    Okay well I think you guys should add a few thoughts if you would like to feel free to add your ideas BUT PLEASE DON"T FLAME it took me a long time to think of all of the datails of the mini-game.

    I understood about 1 percent of what you're attempting to say, mind clearing this up? Also clarify why we want ANOTHER Thieving (Pyramid Plunder) minigame? Okay there will be a big bilding and 3 portal sites which you enter ther is a lvl 1-30 portal site a lvl 30-60 portal and a lvl 60-99 portal and if you enter it you'll be in an arena where you steal from other players.

    In the main building where the portals you input are, you will see a giant black portal that, if you click on it says"deposite in portal" An dif you click yes it is possible to deposite any things inside and Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold an item in the portal will be teled to another players stock that has just entered the arena.