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Enter the small portal with all the essential items


    Enter the small portal with all the essential items, and you'll be teleported to OSRS Gold a tent outside a house very similar to this one in Rat Catchers. At the tent is a supply table, providing bandages and rope. The objective is to break into the home without the Hostage Guards discovering you, locate the Royal Hostage (Price, Princess, Captain or Adviser), kill the enemy taking the hostage nicely... hostage, and escape without the Hostage Guards (level-35) beating you too poorly.

    Group Hostage Saving if you would like to have a group help you, catch a Recruitment Scroll and like in Barbarian Assault, collect 3 buddies. You will need: Ranger (60+ Range), Magician (66+ Magic), Sneaker (This is the individual who will enter the house [60 Attack, Defense, 40 Range, higher agility is an advantage]), Any (Ranger, Magician, or a Second Sneaker).

    Then you'll have the ability to input the large portal. You'll wind up in the same tent, except there are far more supply tables. One for bandages, one with"glossy" arrows, and one with multiple runes on it. You will want to stock up on whatever job you wish to take. The particular jobs are clarified below:

    RANGER: Access behind the local Bush. Your job is to get advice from the Sneaker as to which guard to shoot. Guards will move in and out of your scope, so keep a watch out

    SNEAKER: Your occupation is just like the Single Player game, but you can tell the ranger that a guard has to be taken. There are 6 guards in your path, A B C D E F, so you must tell which guard is in your way, and Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold the ranger will try to wound or kill that shield. NOTE: If you wound a protector, you can walk in front of it and nothing will happen, but all of the dead guards will soon be woken up. You will know when a protector needs to be taken when the shield says"What was that?" , if a guard is shot without stating that, several more Guards will come, making you more vulnerable.