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After you arrive, you will be next to Lord Iorworth

  • After you arrive, you will be next to Lord Iorworth. He'll look at you for another, and then congratulate you on foiling Iban only to perish at his hands. He then strikes. As you can imagine, he's really high level, uses various styles of combat, and teleports across the arena just to disoriente you. I will spare the details, and only say this struggle is one worthy of a decision to OSRS Gold Mourning's End.

    If his health is gone, he'll heal himself and laugh at your face. Suddenly, his crystal reverts back into seed form. He attempts to recharge it, but can't. Iorworth then lunges at you, but Eluned teleports in and stops him. The component of the tower he is standing on also reverts back to its seed form, and Iorworth falls to his death. Below, you find the Rebel Elves taking the city of Prifddinas.

    Eluned tells you that what occurred to Iorworth's weapon has been the will of Seren to prevent his evil. The two of you look out on the scorched Isafdar woods and express pity, but all isn't lost. Eluned explains that a wildfire every now and then burns away the old forest, and enables a new forest to grow. She teleports you out to a burnt segment and shows you the seeds of the pine trees. Ilfeen appears, and begins with the chanting of Seren, which causes the lamps around the burnt wasteland to light up, and a new forest grows before your eyes.

    Rewards: Soul Talisman, adventure, accessibility to buy cheap osrs accounts Prifddinas, that is currently far different from during the pursuit; you might now utilize the soul rift in the Abyss. You can find a crystal pike now, and also the crystal lace team as well, but that costs a whole lot to recharge; lower costs when recharging crystals.