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How Tencent Pictures Help the Animation Industry to Go Global

  • How Does Tencent Pictures help the animation industry to go global with the first film to exceed 100 million yuan in 2021?

    The alleys in Shikumen, the squeaky pan-fried buns, the lively square dance, the classic series broadcast on the TV, the magnificent oriental pearl standing by the river, the pink and lovely Chinese dragon.

    In "Wish Dragon" released on January 15, 2021, China's modernity and the market are slowly unfolding like a picture scroll in a 99-minute animation. And for this animated film that is so familiar with Chinese elements, its production team is a group of top international animation production teams: including Chris Eberhans who had participated in "Coraline" as the director and chief producer of the film People are the father of the "Shrek" series, Alan Warner, and Chris Bramble, while Jackie Chan also served as the producer.

    Behind "Wish Dragon" stands a group of Chinese companies-Yaolai, and Tencent Pictures, which has accumulated a lot of experience in the exploration of international films, and form a production alliance with Sony Animation, Times Culture Media and Columbia Pictures . In addition, the production team also includes the local animation production company BASE. The production, screenwriting, and art of the film are all Chinese.

    Such an international team is about a relatively unfamiliar China in the Western world. Unlike the stereotypes of the Great Wall, pandas, Kung Fu and other common Chinese elements in the West, "Wish Dragon" focuses not on ancient China, but on the more advanced and young China and the short stories of the Chinese market after the economic boom.

    The unique perspective made the movie "Wish Dragon" catch the attention of the audience during the New Year's Day screening period: the click-on movie has the highest attendance rate, the top ranking in the Douyin hot search list, and the topic of Douyin #成龙就是许愿神龙# with more than 100 million views. . Affected by the work of a large number of moviegoers at the end of the year, during the schedule from New Year's Day to before the Spring Festival, the schedule of "Wish Dragon" was turbulent, but due to the continuous increase in attendance and box office during working days, it ended three weeks after its release on January 31. Still stable at about 10%. In this way, the film is scheduled for January 15th, and it can maintain a long-term schedule until New Year's Eve. Now it seems that it is a successful strategy.

    As a hot and just-needed domestic movie, most high-quality animated movies are more willing to choose longer summer and Spring Festival files. Since the suspenseful action movie "Shock Wave 2", the warmth cure "A Little Red Flower", and even the animation "Soul" that are still being released this year, the audiences are more oriented towards adults. "Wish Dragon" became the only family-friendly comedy film before the Spring Festival that was more biased towards audiences of all ages, meeting the rigid demand for family-friendly movies before the Spring Festival.

    Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Group and chairman of Tencent Animation, once said in a public speech: “We very much hope that in this round of global cultural consumption transformation, we can work with partners with the same ideas and ambitions at home and abroad to pass deep Dig Chinese culture and create high-quality films and televisions, so that Chinese stories, culture and aesthetics will move the world in the form of light and shadow and illuminate the future."

    In many cases, the movie is not just the movie itself. "Wish Dragon" is making a completely different impression of China appear on the global big screen.

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