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What You Need to Know About Retribution Paladin - WoW Classic T

  • The first-level retribution paladins are very powerful. Due to the moderately high damage of the strengthened Crusader Seal and the melee slot, they are almost mandatory raids on Gruul’s lair and Magtheridon’s lair; however, For Karazhan, they are not optimal. The retribution paladin will bring a lot of gains, helping you get more people, including another blessing, and maintaining the ability of another paladin’s judgment to be effective for your boss. This allows the Paladin to continue pumping the healing fluid into the main tank. Exorcism will also cause additional damage during battles in Magtheridon's Lair. They also increased the damage of party members by 2% from the strong but convenient strengthening of the aura of holiness.

    The punishment paladin also has a strong defensive ability. They can escape most of the AoE damage caused by Gruul in his Grand Slam matches; Divine Shield protects them from damage and deceleration, while the Blessing of Protection avoids the damage component, and the Blessing of Freedom is Avoid slowing down. They can also assist in cleaning during the addition phase of Magtheridon’s lair, amazing additions, worry about hell, and even put the first bombed tank into the tank, so that you don’t need to use more than you actually need tank.

    This is where the advantage of the punishment paladin lies, and the fact that more than half of the time WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold players spend in the first stage of the raid will be spent on Karazhan, which makes the situation even more complicated. Retribution paladins do need to join the melee team in order to really get in touch with the windfury totem and the attack power enhancers released by the battle roar and fury.

    It is difficult for you to have all these three benefits in a Karazhan group. Compared with the protection of the Paladin, they have no effect among 10 people. At the very least, you will be downgraded to perform tank missions, and although you will perform the missions brilliantly, your efficiency is at a different level than the multi-mission Feral Druid.

    In the end, only Disciplinary Paladin is a bit of a headache. The requirements of the group matches have already been said, but they are just a melee, and the melee combat in the first stage of the "Burning Crusade Classic" will lag behind Ranged for various reasons. Melee cannot obtain equipment equivalent to Tier 5 through crafting/dungeon suits. Melee is abused by chopping and other unfriendly mechanics, and at level 4, these two do make the range far better than melee overall. Their AoE damage is limited to dedication, which consumes incredible mana and cannot be scaled with equipment. In the end, you will never bring multiple Retribution Paladins into a team. Although they bring a lot of utility, it is not just a slot, it can be moved to another melee, which can bring more utility to your other classes, which means you have fewer other important raids or melee fans. And now gamers can also visit z2u, there are some TBC Classic Gold for sale safely.