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  • BioWare recently launched the Seasonal Feast of Prosperity Event and added a new set of armor and some decorations to this year's version. The Feast of Prosperity Event has now returned to Star Wars The Old Republic. This is a seasonal event that occurs for a few weeks around mid-fall (usually mid-O...
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Aion Classic: Candies Available in the Shop

  • It didn't take long for Aion classic to have some dramatic events. In fact, it took several hours for complaints that the game was paid to win in the game's forums, Reddit, and other places. Although there are various complaints, including Aion Classic, which is basically the classic Aion, the commonality in all the posts is the impact of the candy available in the store on the game.

    Currently, players can buy 10 boxes of candies (30 per box), for a total of 450 quna-about $11. Each of these candies can be sold for 100,000 Aion Classic Gold (in-game currency), which means that the player can get about 3 million kina for $11. Of course, due to the importance of PvP in the game, the concern here is that $11 can easily put these players ahead of those who don't give up cash. Z2U site can give players for Cheap Aion Classic Kinah.

    The Aion team has responded to these concerns. Although just less than a day ago, the news is that player feedback is being submitted to the developers, who will decide what is best for the game. The post also mentioned the problem of candies in the Korean version of the game, where players can sell candies at three times the price, and pointed out that the problem is not what happened here.

    Therefore, this seems to be one of the "wait and see" things. It’s worth noting that some players don’t care about this particular issue at all. However, once the release week ends, the Siel halo benefit for free-to-play players is limited to one hour per day, which may change. At that time, not only will you get XP and Kinah from the battle, and the mission will drop after that time, and players will not be able to use the auction house or open a shop. Production and collection will also be restricted.

    Please also note that if you purchase a transgender ticket because you cannot dual hold a female character, NCSoft will refund the fee and provide a free ticket to change your gender if you wish.