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Development History of Raymond Mill

  • From the birth of the primary generation of R-type Raymond Mill in 1987 to the looks of MB5X Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill, over the past 30 years, Raymond mill has withstood the test of your time , kept upgrading and updating, and completed the transformation journey from R-type Raymond mill to intelligent grinder. Today, let's have a deeper understanding of the event process of the grinder:

    1987 | Raymond Mill

    Raymond mill was first born within the early 20th century. it's a history of quite 100 years. supported the principle of rolling and grinding between roller rings, the Raymond mill are often used for deep processing of materials from feeding to finished product collection. it's the characteristics of stable rolling structure, simple structure and convenient operation.

    1994 | High Pressure Roller Mill

    In 1994, on the idea of the normal Raymond mill, we developed a replacement sort of high-pressure suspension roller mill, with variety of patents like double-layer air inlet channel, roller limit device, etc. The high-pressure spring placed vertically within the machine body increases the grinding pressure between the grinding roller and therefore the grinding ring, improves the pulverizing efficiency of the pulverizer, and makes the operation of the equipment more stable and reliable.

    2005 | MTM Medium-speed Grinding Mill

    On the way of checking out the fine point equipment, it never stops. The Medium-Speed Grinding Mill which came call at 2005 may be a strong proof of this. the mixture of 5 patented technologies, like trapezoidal working face, flexible connection and roller linkage pressurization, has made the overpressure trapezoidal mill have more advantages in application and improved the operation efficiency of the equipment.

    2009 | MTW European Trapezium Grinding Mill

    Combined with modern technology and lots of years of experience in grinding equipment manufacturing, MTW Trapezium Mill is developed. The equipment adopts new arc air passage , curved blade and other patented technologies, and its production capacity is above that of traditional grinder. At an equivalent time, it also witnessed the determination and confidence of continuous breakthrough and improvement within the grinding industry.

    In the face of achievements, we've not become complacent, but turn it into a drive to maneuver forward, and constantly move to a better level. On the idea of MTW European mill, several years of improvement and optimization are administered to hold thin oil lubrication for the equipment, extend the car care cycle, reduce the upkeep frequency, improve the bearing life, and further improve the steadiness of the equipment.

    2017 | MB5X Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill

    After quite 30 years of technical precipitation, the fifth generation of MB5X Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill has been developed. The machine body adopts full thin oil lubrication system to optimize the structure design, breaking through the bottleneck of traditional mill structure and production capacity. It are often widely utilized in building materials, metallurgy, industry , paper making, energy source, electrical power and other industries. it's a large-scale modern mineral extraction plant, environmental protection intelligent production good selection .