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Function of sand making machine in aggregate production line

  • Sand making machine is a kind of equipment that uses impact energy to break stones. Because it is vertical shaft design, it is also called vertical shaft impact crusher. The sand making machine technology comes from abroad, which is exactly the sand making and crushing technology of Bamako company in the United States. Through the introduction of technology in the 1980s and 1990s, it has been settled and developed in China. However, the great development and breakthrough of the vertical shaft impact breaking is still after 2000, because with the acceleration of urbanization in China, the natural gravel and sand have been unable to meet the construction needs, and the machine-made gravel and sand are gradually rising, and the sand and stone equipment has also ushered in a development period, including the vertical shaft impact breaking.

    After years of development, the impact breaker has developed for many generations and become a frequent customer in the sand and stone equipment. At present, there are many types of impact products. Although the impact angle, wear-resistant material and impeller shape are constantly optimized, the working principle has not changed.

    There are two working principles of sand making machine, one is the whole center feeding, the other is the combination of waterfall center feeding.

    Full center feeding: after the stones or fine pebbles that reach the feeding specifications (generally less than 40mm) enter into the impact chamber, they are centrifuged by the initial acceleration given by the dividing cone. When the materials move to the edge of the impeller, they will be thrown by the throwing head. The thrown materials have a high speed, and then they will hit the peripheral guard plate and rebound by the peripheral guard plate, which will hedge against the next wave of thrown materials. Of course, after a long time of production, the cushion layer will be formed on the peripheral guard plate, and the effect between materials will increase.

    Waterfall feeding: after the stones or fine pebbles that meet the feeding specifications (generally less than 40mm) enter into the impact chamber, part of the materials enter from the center of the impeller, and the other part enters from the periphery of the impeller. The material entering the center will be initially accelerated by the distributing cone, and it will be accelerated by the throwing head around the impeller. The accelerated material will impact the material curtain, and some of the material will rebound and break after it has kinetic energy.

    There are two different working principles. The material entering mode is realized by the powder feeder at the upper end of the impeller. Two different working principles have also achieved two functions of impact breaking in aggregate production line: fine crushing sand making and aggregate shaping.

    Full center feeding, material contact before hammer, easier to crush, but the throughput is limited, so it is suitable for machine-made sand production; With waterfall feeding, the material has more contact with each other, and the crushing capacity is reduced appropriately, but the throughput is large, so it is suitable for stone shaping.

    With the vigorous development of fine aggregate production line and the continuous implementation of environmental protection and quality professional customized project scheme, sand making machine will be more and more applied in aggregate production.