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Having the privilege of being a 2K broadcaste

  • Former Los Angeles Sparks player is first to NBA 2K22 MT imprint the image into a game. She is among five American individuals selected by the American company. They also comprise Luka Doncic (the Dallas Mavericks' sensational point guard), Kevin Durant (winger of the Brooklyn Nets), Karem Abdul-Jabbar Dirk Nowitzki, and Dirk Nowitzki legends. In the case for the last three, an exclusive cover will be produced in celebration of 75 years of the NBA. The Parker version is not available at GameStop and Doncic is the protagonist in the classic.

    The athlete shared the accomplishment via social media. She said "Extremely satisfied to be the first woman to be the first woman to write about NBA2K record-breaking history." "I am honored to work with a company who is investing in women and betting on our success." In her CV, the player has a WNBA title in the year 2016, two MVPs and six Star Game nominations in the league. Parker is well-known for her intellect and ability on the court. She has been twice an Olympic champion in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. In the last season, the Wing was named WNBA Defensive Player of the Year.

    "Having the privilege of being a 2K broadcaster was always a dream of mine and now being featured on the cover comes full circle. I'm hoping that there will be many women who are steady to follow," she said. Her success doesn't stop at the court or in video games. In 2019, she became an NBA commentator on TNT and is joined by Dwyane Wade, who was a former Miami Heat player or replaces one of the presenters of Inside the NBA, the network's most popular show. Charles Barkley and Buy 2K22 MT Shaquille Olney are two of the people who are part of this show's appeal.