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A 20-year-old Aussie who claims to have lost $5,000

  • "We were supposed to get the money, but the money never came in NBA 2K22 MT. We waited almost an entire month, and he made excuses, like his PayPal was locked, and so on for more time." another victim claimed to P.TV.

    A 20-year-old Aussie who claims to have lost $5,000, and has filed a cybercrime complaint, provided screenshots of his conversations with Raangee to P.TV. The screen captures Raangee convincing the victim to put down $5,000, promising a return of $2,500. Raangee says to the victim "Ofc" for any person. "But I'm in a place in which I'm comfortable with it now , and I fully comprehend the fears of newbies."

    P.TV. a fourth victim aged 20, said that she was aware of 20-30 victims. "I'd be able to estimate that Rack owes at least $300,000 (and this is only a fraction of those cases I've been able to identify). Many of my acquaintances are also victims." Numerous victims have shared similar experiences. They have all stated that Rack was able to use his bank account and/or PayPal account to avoid paying.

    But while some people have spoken out, it is believed others were spooked into silence, as scammers telling them that they'll "get zero" if they speak up. In a screenshot taken by P.TV, Raangee gives a victim a copy of Buy MT 2K22 a conversation with Rack in which he claims that victims will not be paid for speaking out about the matter.