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This number causes while others reach hot

  • Do I believe I collect 22 * 5 bones can get into the boneyard and convert them in OSRS Items 65 seconds including round trip travel time, into bananas? Probably not. This scratches on a potential money making away source. But. If I could find something that dropped a big amount of bones (2-4+) which may be killed in 1 hit, then it becomes a definite possibility again. The search continues. Its a good backup plan in case flour ever halves in value, however, or bananas spike. All I am really saying is that the search for efficiency could in itself be enjoyable, that and/or I have issues. I have to go explore oranges.

    A everyday questions megathread has been asked about before, however it isn't something that we see as being a solution. We have Sunday a cycle of routine threads including Silly Question. It's just scheduled for looks, although this seems to match that criteria. Runescape is not as big or as fast-paced as some other subreddits, therefore it's possible for users to make new posts receive sincere replies without overwhelming or flood our subreddit and to ask questions. Unlike some subreddits that is bigger, it is possible to browse /new here because submission frequency is lower.

    Connected to this, we do need to sticky important posts and announcement/news articles from Jagex frequently, along with the posts that are currently in our scheduled pins (Silly Question Sunday, Pro-Tip Tuesday, Rant Wednesday), so it may not always fit a daily canning program, together with rendering the present Silly Question Sunday series obsolete. Developing a daily megathread for questions may give the impression that users are not allowed to create posts to ask questions about Runescape, which is not a view that we support or promote. Regrettably, article filtering isn't sensible on Reddit for post viewing, therefore it may seem overwhelming for some users to see every article in a subreddit.

    (Post flairs do somewhat help with this.) This number causes while others reach hot, some articles to be overlooked, since they're rarely highly upvoted, and the vast majority of question posts don't reach / hot here. 1 side of not using a megathread is this enables these articles to get the opportunity to be searched for if someone has a query later on. Hunting for posts by name, and Looking for remarks on Reddit is difficult may yield helpful results which deters someone. And of course, a sizeable part of questions could be answered on the RuneScape Wiki, which is referred to in the comments.

    The quantity of query posts here does not appear to represent an overwhelming amount that would warrant a series of stickies that are recurring. Maybe we could raise the frequency of Question Sunday from biweekly to weekly? The question of is also sparked by this, is the purpose of wanting a regular megathread to further help or is it to conceal these queries from players who do not want to Buy RS3 Gold see them's view?