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Simon is on the upper level of Yanille's Mage Guild

  • Kamu disappears into thin air. Continue walking towards IgnaciusVulcan. Just walk. Your player will suddenly be knocked out and you will suffer 10 Damage. The player will wake up in OSRS Accounts a dark cave with four torchlights, one per cornor. There are many swords, crossbows bows, bows and and staves, as well as runes, bolts and arrows on the rack. If you look around, you'll see the Ghostly Assassin.

    Who sent you fool? It is completely confidential. I cannot provide more details. Fine. What's the reason you're here? I want to talk with you about Ghostly's mission. I can however, it'll cost you. What is the price? 10 Death Runes. They are here.

    Good. Ivan is known as the Guardian of Death being monitored by the spy. Ivan is a ghost that has been corrupted and won't let anyone to go by, unless they kill his spirit. The spy is looking for ways to kill him, so I can complete the task for him. He's either too strong for me, or him. This is where you step in.

    You have special spells that can be used to eliminate undead therefore, I believe that the living may have more effect on him. However, before you can kill him, you will have to build an army of a few hundred to break into the frontline of his. Take care. Also, take this list. These are the individuals whom you'll have to unite around if you want to kill Ivan.

    Simon is on the upper level of Yanille's Mage Guild. Attack and kill two wizards, and once they're dead, you can begin talking to Simon. This will only work using Amulet of ghostspeak as well as Ring of Buy RuneScape Gold Visibility. You are killing my living followers! Followers? Yes! Yes! Simon is the Ghostly Mage. So you're Simon? Yes. Simon of Yanille.