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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is classically imperfect

  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic Edition provides paid character upgrades for the first time. Among them, the Dark Portal Pass may be very convenient, but over time, players have discovered that the Dark Portal Pass hurts the health of the MMORPG. The Dark Portal Pass, as a role promotion, is the first time-saving service in the Warcraft classic. Now the problem is found. Players begin to test whether it is worthwhile to improve on a personal level and whether it is worthwhile to pay for character promotion should be in the game.

    The answer to this question depends largely on who is asked. From an individual player's point of view, the promotion has obvious benefits. While there are benefits, players have to pay the corresponding price. The most obvious manifestation is that players need to pay a lot of wealth. To upgrade as soon as possible, players will visit the mmotbc.com store to enjoy the Buy Classic TBC Gold For Sale service. In the short term, the Dark Portal Pass is conducive to the rapid upgrade of the game. There are also a few players who believe that the Dark Portal Pass will not be worth it with the players' health insurance the development of game competition.

    TBC Classic Gold
    The level of the game player also represents the noble status of the player in the game.  Although players will upgrade faster in the Burning Crusade pre-patch, thanks to the overall reduction in experience point requirements and tasks that reward more experience, it still takes tens or even hundreds of hours for players to upgrade to new characters. The highest level. Unfortunately, although Blizzard seems to indicate that the Dark Portal Pass is designed to give players who have not played World of Warcraft nostalgia a chance to prepare for the burning expedition classic, old players with money to burn are also taking advantage of the level increase.

    This is a complicated issue. In theory, it is good for new players to upgrade quickly. However, the consequences of allowing all players to be promoted will be accompanied by costs that may be felt in the long run. With more professional gold manufacturing alternatives in the gaming industry and gold sales robots using the service, it is difficult to be sure what impact the gaming economy will have on the progress of the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade classic. But it is undeniable that players can indeed save precious time to choose Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold. Some in-game persuasion services may be great and relatively harmless, but in MMO, the player's behavior determines the state of the game.