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Jacob & Co AT802.30.BD.UA.A Astronomia

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    13:31:05 +07 Ngày 31 tháng 07 năm 2019
    <img src="[url=https://www.bestluxurysale.com/images/Jacob%20Co%20watch%20AT125.80DR.UAB.jpg">]https://www.bestluxurysale.com/images/Jacob%20Co%20watch%20AT125.80DR.UAB.jpg">;

    Jacob&Co. Watch Astronomia Immaculate Emperor Dragon

    The perfect combination of fine watchmaking and craftsmanship is Jacob&Co. The characteristics of masterpieces.Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Dragon

    The tabulation, or rather the combination of fine watchmaking and other types of crafts, whether inlaid, engraved, hand-painted, creating a music box or art, is Jacob&Co. Brand style handwritten features. Continuing this tradition, the company expanded its watch collection model Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon.

    In this watch, an unusual Astronomia movement is intertwined with a flexible dragon body, made of 18K rose gold, hand-carved and hand-painted. The dragon's miniature "sculpture" consists of four parts (head, body, tail and water below the body), which must be connected in such a way that the seams cannot be seen during the making of the watch.

    Since the figurine of the mythical creature is made of gold, it means it is quite heavy, and the screws that connect all parts of the dragon into one are very small and the task is very complicated. And that's not to say that you need to constantly monitor, so as not to damage the shape of the assembly process and keep it safe, safe to the final stage, the artist manually keeps the smallest details in mind: scales, teeth, tongue and eyes.discounted cheap men watches

    Since the launch of the Astronomia series (2014), the large sapphire crystal case has become an indispensable feature of this series. Due to the transparency of the case, all the glory of the tourbillon mechanism with two axes of rotation can be observed, ie from all aspects. The complex concept of the overall cabinet design creates the illusion that the complex functions under the sapphire dome are suspended in the air.

    Replacing individual metal parts used in previous model series with components made of sapphire glass helps achieve this effect. In particular, we are talking about the hull ring and ears. The case (size - 50 x 25.45 mm) takes more than 1,000 hours to produce.

    Inside the watch is a manual winding and 60-hour power reserve mechanism that supports the operation of the dual-axis tourbillon in addition to the hours and minutes. The tourbillon has a rotation speed of 60 seconds on one axis and 2.5 minutes on the second axis.

    In this model, Jacob & Co. She retains the concept of a four-axis turntable module in which all functional (or purely decorative) components are fixed. In addition to the small dial and tourbillon bracket under the dragon, there is a 1 carat JacobCut® cut diamond and a lacquered magnesium ball symbolizing the earth. The two elements rotate about their axis at a speed of 2 revolutions per minute.

    A copy of Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon is made by Jacob & Co. The perfect embodiment of the motto (slogan, professional creed, called you mean).HYT H1 TITANIUM 148-TT-11-GF-LC watch