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Why Using a Freeze Dry Machine Dehydrator Food

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    11:43:17 +07 Ngày 23 tháng 08 năm 2019
    Efficient Storing : Dried foods take less than one sixth of
    their original storage space and don’t require the ongoing electrical
    drain of a refrigerator or freezer. Simply pack the foods clean, dry,
    insect proof containers or canning jars, plastic freezer containers with
    tight fitting lids, plastic freezer bags or vacuum seal bags (in single
    portion sizes) and store them in your pantry for the perfect go-to

    This significant reduction in size means that you can fit a
    lot of preserves into a small area - which is especially ideal for
    camping, trekking and large families.

    Portability: Dehydrated foods are compact, lightweight and they travel well.

    highlighted earlier, healthy foods and snacks can be expensive and you
    can’t always find, or have access to them on the go. By dehydrating
    foods at home, you can create the perfect snack for your children’s
    school lunch boxes, or a midday hunger-buster for while you’re on the
    road or at work.

    Precision Drying: If you’ve ever tried to
    dehydrate foods in your oven then you’ll understand the frustration it
    can sometimes cause - not only because of the higher electricity costs
    that you’ll have to pay, but because most household ovens don’t even
    start their temperature gauges below 90 degrees (celsius)! In contrast,
    by using a food dehydrator, you have complete control when drying foods
    at lower temperatures. For example; the BioChef Arizona Dehydrator
    offers an adjustable thermostat range of 35 - 70 degrees celsius -
    significantly lower than your average household oven.

    Because of
    these low temperatures, food created with a dehydrator is often
    considered as ‘raw food’. A raw food diet has many benefits, and is said
    to preserve the living nutrients and enzymes in fruits and vegetables
    unlike the heating process which is said to eliminate or deplete these
    from food.

    Subsequently, if you’re on a raw food diet, or are just
    trying to eat more raw foods, a dehydrator provides a good alternative
    for preparing foods at a temperature below 46 degrees celsius - the
    threshold temperature where enzymes and nutrients are considered to be
    maintained - than any other kitchen appliance on the market.

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    Great post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about